Add A Touch Of Class To Your Office With 5 Cool Gadgets

Are you interested in adding a touch of class to your office? I don’t know if you consider your office boring at the moment, but things will soon change if you pick up a few of these cool gadgets.

USB Desk Vacuum

What do you normally do when you’re eating sandwiches at your desk and you end up with lots of crumbs lying around at the end? Under normal circumstances you would probably swipe your hand across the desk until they all end up on the floor, but you are just giving yourself more work to do because the crumbs will eventually have to be vacuumed up anyway. If you have this cool little USB vacuum cleaner you can use it to clean your desk so you don’t have to throw anything on the floor.

USB Warmer Mouse

Here is another great USB gadget that will come in handy after summer finally ends. When you arrive at your office you won’t be able to feel your fingers during winter because it’s so cold outside, which makes it difficult to start working hard straight away. If you use a mouse that heats your hand while you’re using it you’ll be a lot more comfortable. You can actually switch the heating function off, so it’s not as if your hands will be on fire for the entire day.

Pen Cap Eating Utensils

I bet you’ve sat down at your desk to eat your lunch only to realize you left your spoon at home. If you didn’t have a cafeteria at work it wouldn’t make for a pleasurable eating experience, but now you won’t even need to leave your desk to borrow a spoon or fork. You can buy these pen cap eating utensils and if you ever forget your cutlery you just need to take out the appropriate one and stick it on the end of your pen. They’re always handy to keep at the back of your drawer in the event of a lunch emergency.

Lightweight Handy Shredder

When you’re in the zone you don’t want to leave your desk simply to shred one or two pieces of paper at the main shredder, but you don’t want to forget to do it either because someone might get access to sensitive information. If you have one of these little shredders lying around you can stay in your zone because it will take you around 2 seconds to shred anything. The only time you’ll need to pay a visit to the main shredder is when you’re trying to destroy lots of documents.

Next Desk

People usually buy office furniture online when they’re looking for something more expensive as they can always find a better deal. There isn’t much more expensive than electric standing desks at the moment when you compare them to an average office desk. The Next Desk is a great piece of kit you can pick up and it really will change your life. Even if you take the health benefits out of the equation you’ll still end up being more productive which means you’ll make more money.

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