5 Home Improvement Apps That Will Help Answer Some Big Questions You Have

When you’re walking around your home there are always little things you want to fix, but you’re probably always asking yourself where to start. Take a look at some of these home improvement apps that will answer some of the big questions you have.

iFixit: Repair Manual

There is nothing more annoying that when something breaks because it means you have to replace it, or if it’s expensive you might call someone out and you’ll have to pay them a lot of money to weave their magic. Why don’t you start weaving your own magic from now on? You obviously won’t have a clue how to fix certain things at the moment, but when you download iFixit to your phone it will teach you how to fix a lot of common things and you’ll even have fun doing everything by yourself.


Snapguide is another useful app that will teach you how to fix things, but this one is crowd sourced which means the things you’ll be learning will come straight from other users who want to help you out. If you know how to fix something in particular you’ll be able to share it with the community too, so with everyone working together there will be no project you can’t tackle. Just start browsing through the guides and it might give you a few ideas for projects to start.

iHandy Level

One of the biggest problems DIYers face isn’t the actual job itself. The main problem is usually their lack of tools, because unless you do something professionally you won’t have lots of things lying around your home you can use to tackle any projects. This app is free and it’s simple to use, but I bet you don’t have anything lying around that will help you level everything out. Even if you just want to make sure your photo frames are leveled correctly it’s worth downloading to your phone.

Room Planner

Before you start designing a room you will need to come up with a great floor plan. It’s not essential, but it could save you a few headaches further down the line. Room Planner will use your phone to accurately map out a replica of any room inside your home then you can use the features inside the tool to build out the room with all your furniture. Once you’re happy with the way everything looks you just need to take what is on the screen and turn it into a real life version of your digital representation.

Style My Floor

Do you want to know the easiest way to decide of the type of flooring you want to lay down without even going near the store? Download the Style My Floor app and you’ll be able to see what a particular style of flooring looks like in real-time. You just have to move as much of your furniture as possible to one side then aim your phone at the floor. The app will identify where the floor is and you’ll then be able to swap it with lots of different floors, so you can decide what looks right before you call the floor installers.

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