5 Amazing Apps That Will Guide You Towards A Fitter And Healthier Life

Unless you’ve played sports all your life or you somehow discovered an interest in lifting weights there is a good chance you’re not in the best of health. There is no need to panic since it’s never to late to change your life, but if you want to start you should do it now. Here are some top health and fitness apps you can use for a little guidance along the way.

Tabata Trainer

Anyone who thinks you need to spend hours on a treadmill to increase your cardiovascular endurance is obviously wrong. Tabata training has become very popular recently even though it was developed decades ago and it’s the ultimate form of high intensity training. You only need to train for 4 minutes and you can call it quits for the rest of the day. Even though you need to put as much effort into the 4 minutes as possible your health will improve even with a few sessions per week.

Yo Dish

The easiest way to tackle health issues is to nail your diet, so most people have started to follow things like paleo, vegetarian, and vegan diets. The only trouble with changing your diet is finding food you like, because once you start to cut out the sugar and fatty meats the taste will disappear from some meals. Yo Dish was developed to help people find tasty food no matter what new diet they’re following, so at the end of the day you’ll always be satisfied after you’ve eaten a nice meal.

Performance Stretching

Don’t be one of those people who feel like they’re too good to stretch. You might not need to stretch in order to perform certain activities, but it’s beneficial if you do and Performance Stretching will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know. There will be much less chance of you getting injured when you stretch correctly and you’ll also recover from your sessions a lot quicker. Incorporate stretching into your workouts for a few weeks and I think you’ll be surprised by the results.

Daily Yoga

I know a lot of people don’t want to lift weights because they’re afraid of getting big and bulky. That isn’t exactly what will happen, but unfortunately it’s hard to convince someone otherwise so it’s better just to offer them an alternative. That is why apps like Daily Yoga are becoming so popular among a huge group of people. You will be able to exercise every day and you’ll gain a huge amount of strength and flexibility while losing body fat at the same time.


Alternative medicine is becoming very popular again, but in the western world meditation is still considered alternative medicine for your mind. People forget there is a big connection between the mind and the body, so when you neglect one the other is sure to suffer. Headspace won’t turn you into a meditation expert, but it will guide you through some great mind exercises and by the time you’ve finished your mind will feel fresh which will eventually transcend into your body.

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